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Friday, October 13, 2006

Week In Review (October 13, 2006)

Most Popular Federal Law Article

[url=“”>New IRS Independent Contractor Test.</A>
Historically, the IRS used what has become known as the “Twenty Factor” test to determine whether a worker is an independent contractor or an employee. In January, 2006, in response to comments by Congress and representatives of labor and business, the IRS attempted to simplify and refine the test. The revised test is founding the 2006 Edition of IRS Publication 15-A. It consolidated the 20 factors into 11 main tests, and organized them into three main groups: behavioral control; financial control; and the type of relationship between the two parties.
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Most Popular State Law Article

<a >Amendments to Fair Employment and Wage Payment Laws Provide Common Sense Guidance for Employers.</A>
Amendments to the California Fair Employment and Housing Act have made certain requirements regarding the mandatory harassment prevention training and the payment of overtime wages more “employer friendly.” On September 29, 2006, Governor Schwarzenegger signed into law Assembly Bill 2095, which clarifies California’s existing harassment training requirements so they apply only to those supervisors in California. The law also eliminates confusion regarding the timing for payment of overtime wages by allowing both the overtime pay and a corrected itemization of overtime pay to appear on the pay stub issued for the next regular pay period.
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Most Popular Headlines

<a TARGET=“_blank”]Limits to at-will employment[/url]
Monterey Herald - October 06, 2006


Posted by Patrick Della Valle on 10/13 at 10:19 AM
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