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Wendy's Sued for Alleged Illinois Biometric Data Law Violations

Two former employees have filed a lawsuit in Illinois against the Wendy's restaurant chain claiming that the way that the company stores and handles biometric data violates the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA). The suit claims Wendy's biometric practices break state law because the company does not make employees aware of how their data is handled.

Sharp Curve Ahead! An Employer’s Roadmap to Recent Legislative Developments in Illinois

The Illinois legislature has been quite active, leaving many employers wondering: “Is Illinois the new California?” Some measures, like Chicago’s Fair Workweek Ordinance, are new, while other laws amended existing statutes, including the Equal Pay Act, the Illinois Human Rights Act, and the Wage Payment and Collection Act. This article will cover certain wide-ranging developments and trends, from recreational marijuana use and how legalization impacts workplace policies, to Illinois’ new #MeToo law requiring sweeping changes for employers.

Illinois Equal Pay Act Mandates to Take Effect September 29

Amendments to Illinois’ Equal Pay Act (EPA) go into effect on September 29, 2019, leaving employers little time to adjust their hiring practices.

Illinois Outlaws Questions about Job Applicants’ Prior Salaries

In order to avoid fines and lawsuits, companies recruiting in Illinois should remove any questions about prior pay from their job applications and any related documents both on-line or in hard copy.

Illinois Can See Clearly Now: State Legislates Workplace Transparency

Our June 2019 article “discussed four new bills targeting equity, transparency, and discrimination, including the Workplace Transparency Act (WTA), which was awaiting the signature of Governor J.B. Pritzker. As expected, Governor Pritzker signed Senate Bill 75—a sweeping piece of legislation that places new restrictions on Illinois employers and is designed to prevent harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

Illinois Enhances Its Data Breach Notification Requirements

In response to trends, heightened public awareness, and a string of large-scale data breaches, states continue to enhance their data breach notification laws. Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker recently signed into law an amendment to the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), SB 1624, effective January 1, 2020. PIPA will now require that most “data collectors,” which includes entities that, for any purpose, handle, collect, disseminate, or otherwise deal with nonpublic personal information, notify the State’s Attorney General of certain data breaches.

Illinois Enacts Sweeping Legislation In Response To #MeToo Movement

Illinois recently enacted sweeping legislation in an effort to combat sexual harassment in the workplace. Illinois Senate Bill 75 created the Workplace Transparency Act, amended the Illinois Human Rights Act and the Victims’ Economic Security and Safety Act, and introduced the Sexual Harassment Victim Representation Act and the Hotel and Casino Employee Safety Act. Additionally, Illinois House Bill 252 amended the Illinois Human Rights Act, further changing the legal landscape for Illinois employers. Both new measures will significantly impact how employers do business in Illinois. The implications are vast, ranging from what constitutes an “employer” in Illinois to the validity of certain employment agreements (and almost everything in between).

New Illinois Law Requires Corporations to Report Diversity on Corporate Boards

A new Illinois law, Public Act 101-0589, signed by Governor J.B. Pritzker on August 27, 2019, aims to encourage diversity on the boards of directors of publicly held domestic and foreign corporations with principal executive offices in Illinois. The bill passed both houses of the General Assembly as House Bill 3394.

Illinois Expands State Human Rights Act to Include Employers with One or More Employees

An amendment to the Illinois Human Rights Act (IHRA) expands the definition of “employer” from employers with at least 15 employees to those with one or more employees.

Illinois Rolls Out Multiple New Employment Law Requirements

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker has signed broad legislation that will significantly impact employment practices in the Land of Lincoln. The measure rolled together several bills that had been proposed separately during the legislative session covering nondisclosure agreements, sexual harassment training, leave for domestic violence victims and workplace safety, among other topics.
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