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On the first day you report to work, you will begin an Introductory Period to last 90 calendar days. This Introductory Period will be a time for learning about your fellow employees, your manager and the tasks involved in your job position. We expect you will also become familiar with other relevant information about the Company and our rules or regulations.

Your department manager will work closely with you on all aspects of your training, understanding and responsibilities during this introductory period. We encourage new employees to get to know their fellow co-workers and managers quickly as this tends to help you succeed with our Company.

The Introductory Period is 90 calendar days for all new employees. By completing this introductory period, an employee is not guaranteed continued employment for any term as it is always "at-will" and subject to various conditions.
Many employers designate new employees as "probationary employees" and require that they complete a "probationary period" before becoming a "regular" full or part-time employee. In general, however, it is a distinction without a legal difference. In states with traditional at-will doctrines, an employer can terminate an at-will employee, whether probationary or not, at any time, with or without cause. Nevertheless, probationary periods are meant to convey to the employee that the employer will be closely monitoring job performance and progress. Employers that have probationary periods, however, should ensure that the wrong message is not sent: unless the employer intends otherwise, all employees must know that they are employed at-will.
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