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Sample Recruiting Policy

COMPANY endeavors to be an equal opportunity employer and to hire individuals on the basis of their qualifications.  Therefore, potential employees shall be recruited utilizing all available resources and in a manner known to be in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.


  • Written requisition forms shall be completed for additions to the workforce and replacements, and approved by the President before initiating the recruiting process.
  • The current job description for the position shall be developed or reviewed and revised if necessary, before initiating the recruiting process.  The job description shall include all of the essential functions and related requirements of the job. 
  • Written selection criteria and related procedures shall be developed and distributed to selection committee members prior to initiating the recruiting process.
  • Assessments may be used to confirm the qualifications and suitability of applicants for a position in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements. 
  • Procedures shall be established to monitor the recruiting and selection process in order to ensure the fair and equitable treatment of all applicants.
  • Applicants may be recruited using internal and/or external sources, as deemed appropriate and approved by the Director of Human Resources.  However, reasonable efforts shall be made to fill positions from within where possible (Refer to policies on job vacancies and promotions/transfers).
  • All negotiations, offers of employment, and related commitments may be made only by the President or the Director of Human Resources.  Such actions shall be documented and confirmed by letter to the applicant. Copies of the form and letter shall be maintained in the Human Resources Department.
  • A conditional offer of employment shall be extended until all hiring requirements are satisfied.  The Director of Human Resources shall be responsible for developing specific operating standards to administer the terms of this policy.

Category:Best Human Resources Practices


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