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Discrimination Laws in California

California Fair Employment and Housing Act

The primary law protecting California employees is the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (CFEHA), although there are a host of other statutes (listed below) that protect individuals from employment discrimination in California.

The CFEHA protects against discrimination based on race, color, religious creed, sex
(including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions), sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, medical condition (including cancer, a record or history of cancer, or genetic
characteristics), registered domestic partner status, marital status, age, family care leave, national origin, or ancestry.

What Employers Are Covered?

Businesses with 5 or more employees.

Filing A Charge

A charge must be filed within 365 days of the alleged discriminatory act.

Other Laws Prohibiting Discrimination in California

  • Equal Pay Law (CA Lab. Code § 1197.5)
  • Military Personnel Bias Law (CA Mil. & Vet. Code § 394)
  • Lactation Accommodation (CA Lab. Code §§ 1030-1031);
  • “Kin Care” (CA Lab. Code §§ 233-234)
  • “Lawful Activities Law” (CA Lab. Code § 96(k))
  • “Anti-Retalition” under the Labor Code (CA Lab. Code §98.6)
  • “Anti-Retaliation Under Workers’ Compensation law (CA Lab. Code § 132a)
  • “Anti-Retaliation under Wage and Hour Law (CA Lab. Code §§ 232, 232.5)
  • Jury and Witness Duty Protections (CA Lab. Code § 230 (a)-(b))
  • Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Protections (CA Lab. Code §§ 230(c) 230.1)
  • Violent Crime Witness Protections (CA Lab. Code §230.2), performance of duty as a
  • Volunteer firefighter, reserve peace officer, or emergency rescue personnel (CA Lab. Code § 230.3); training for same (50+ employees only) (CA Lab. Code § 230.4)
  • Bad Child Protections (CA Lab. Code § 230.7)
  • Parents & Guardians School/Day Care Activities (25+ employees) (CA Lab. Code § 230.8)
  • Arrests/Detentions (CA Lab. Code §§ 232.7, 232.8)
  • Drug/Alcohol Rehabilitation (25+ employees) (CA Lab. Code §§ 1025-1028)
  • Personal Literacy (CA Lab. Code §§ 1041-1044)
  • Political Affiliations (CA Lab. Code §§ 1101-1102)
  • General Whistleblower (CA Lab. Code § 1102.5)
  • Immigration Status (CA Lab. Code §1171.5)
  • Wage Garnishment Protections (CA Lab. Code §2929)
  • Safety Whistleblowers (CA Lab. Code §§ 6310, 6399.7)
  • Safety Violations Protections (CA Lab. Code § 6311)
  • Labor Code Attorney General’s Act (CA Lab. Code § 2699)
  • Third-party sexual harassment (CA Gov’t Code § 12940)
  • Domestic Partner Status Protections (CA AB 2005)
  • Sexual Harassment Training (CA 2004)
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