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Background Checks in New Jersey

Are you worried about an employment background check?

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for employers to perform background checks on all prospective employees.  Such background checks are perfectly legal as long as they do not run afoul of specific laws or agency regulations.  For example, the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights has taken the position that employers may not inquire into a prospective employee’s arrest record.  Convictions, however, are fair game as long as they shed some light on an applicant’s qualifications for the position.

Some employment applications can seem daunting and even intrusive.  You may be tempted to stretch or even hide an unflattering truth from your future employer.  You should resist this temptation.  The Number One rule when applying for a new job is this:  Never lie on the application!  They will find out!  Employers are using increasingly sophisticated tools to test an employee’s credibility and some have been known to verify information on an employment application years after a candidate has been hired.  Something as simple as an inflation of past salary or the length of time you worked at a job can have devastating consequences if discovered.  If you have lied, you will almost certainly be fired.

What can you do if your previous employer’s comments are making it difficult for you to find new employment?  Click here to find out.

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