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Massachusetts Poised To Up The Ante In Labor Disputes Amid 6-Month Lockout

Massachusetts legislators have taken steps to immediately enhance the Commonwealth’s unemployment compensation regime for locked-out employees of gas and electric companies. In light of the 6-month standoff at National Grid, the gas and electric utility that serves much of Massachusetts, the House of Representatives just passed a bill today that would extend an employee’s unemployment eligibility indefinitely for the duration of any lockout, with their employer footing 100 percent of the cost. Where do we expect this legislation to go from here, and what do Massachusetts employers need to know about this development?

Massachusetts Ban the Box 2018: Further Amendments to Criminal History and Hiring Law

On October 13, 2018, the Massachusetts legislature amended the state’s Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) law. Many other U.S. territories and localities have passed ban-the-box laws over the last decade that limit employer inquiries into an applicant’s criminal history. Massachusetts initially adopted ban-the-box legislation in August 2010.

MA Department of Family and Medical Leave Launches Website

A summary of the Department of Family and Medical Leave's new website and FAQ, including highlights from the employer FAQ page.

Have you HIRD? Massachusetts Employers Must File a Health Insurance Disclosure Form by November 30th

New guidance issued by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue requires Massachusetts employers with six or more employees to file an annual health insurance responsibility disclosure (HIRD) form. The form became available on November 1, and must be submitted by November 30 of this year and each year subsequent.

Newly Created Massachusetts Agency Issues First Guidance On Paid Leave Law

As the ramp-up towards Massachusetts’ paid family and medical leave continues, the newly created Department of Family and Medical Leave (DFML) just launched its website and issued its first guidance documents. As discussed previously, the July 1, 2019 date for starting contributions looms in the not-too-distant future, while benefits under the paid leave programs will begin in January 2021. What do employers need to know about this development?

MA Implements New Requirement for “HIRD” Form

A summary about the Health Insurance Responsibility Disclosure (“HIRD”) form and what it means for employers in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Employers, Non-Compete Reform is Here!—How is Your Organization Addressing It?

One month into Massachusetts’ new non-competition law, employers throughout the Commonwealth are learning what many predicted from the beginning—there are a lot more questions than answers. As Fisher Phillips previously reported, the new law adds several technical and substantive requirements that must be met in order to enforce a non-competition agreement. Today we spotlight a few issues employers must now grapple with.

Upcoming Changes to the Law on Leave for Veterans

A summary about the Brave Act taking effect on November 7, including information about the new changes to the law, what these changes mean for employers, and how to address leave for veterans on Veterans Day.

Upcoming Changes to the Massachusetts “Ban the Box” Law

A summary about the new Criminal Justice Reform Act taking effect on October 13th, including information about existing law, changes to existing law, and what these changes mean for employers.

Massachusetts Court Provides Guidance on Choice of Law and Forum Selection Clauses in Restrictive Covenants

With Massachusetts’s comprehensive noncompete law taking effect on October 1, 2018, many employers are reviewing and likely revising their restrictive covenants to ensure that they are compliant with the new law. In performing that review, employers may want to consider the potential effects that the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court’s (SJC) recent decision in Oxford Global Resources, LLC v. Hernandez might have on their covenants’ choice of law and forum selection clauses.