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This and That: Joint Employer Standards and Class Action Tolling

Last week, the NLRB announced that it would be issuing proposed rulemaking on joint employer standards this summer.

Texas Judge Halts DOL’s Persuader Rule

Today, a federal judge in the Northern District of Texas issued a preliminary nationwide injunction blocking the Department of Labor's ("DOL") implementation and enforcement of its Persuader Rule, which was scheduled to begin applying to agreements for labor consulting and advice work on July 1, 2016. (See our prior posts here and here for more information.) The ruling came in a lawsuit filed by the National Federation of Independent Business ("NFIB"), challenging the legality of the Persuader Rule on several grounds. The judge today found that the NFIB had demonstrated a substantial likelihood of prevailing in the lawsuit and that irreparable harm would result if the Rule was not enjoined pending resolution of the lawsuit.
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