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Colorado Issues Temporary Emergency Rule Requiring Paid Sick Leave (UPDATED)

Many Colorado employers will need to immediately provide paid sick leave to certain workers as a response to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. As part of Governor Jared Polis’s March 10 State of Disaster Emergency declaration, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment was instructed to issue emergency regulations requiring paid and unpaid sick leave for certain industries. Yesterday, the agency released an emergency rule governing paid sick leave for certain industries. The rule temporarily requires employers in these industries to provide four days of paid sick leave to employees with flu-like symptoms who are being tested for the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Colorado Makes Minor Revisions to COMPS Order 36 and Provides One-Month Grace Period for Posting and Notice Requirements

On March 16, 2020, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, Division of Labor Standards and Statistics’ new Colorado Overtime and Minimum Pay Standards Order Number 36 (“COMPS Order 36”) officially went into effect. COMPS Order 36 applies to virtually all private employers in Colorado and overhauls wage and pay regulations, including overtime, meal and rest breaks, exemption tests, and numerous other areas. Detailed information regarding the requirements under COMPS Order 36 can be found here.
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