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California Bill to Ban Most Employment Arbitration Agreements Moves One Step Closer to Becoming Law

In its continuing, apparent quest to undermine federal law, the California legislature is moving to make it unlawful for employers to require applicants or employees to agree to resolve employment-related disputes by way of arbitration. AB 3080 would add provisions to the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) and to the California Labor Code making it unlawful for an employer to require an applicant, employee, or independent contractor to agree to waive any forum (i.e. court) for the resolution of a dispute arising under FEHA (discrimination, harassment, and retaliation) or the Labor Code (wages/wage statements/meal and rest breaks/working conditions). The bill further specifies that an arbitration agreement is unlawful even if applicants or employees are permitted to opt out of the agreement. In other words, even where an employee is permitted to opt out of the arbitration agreement, the agreement still will be deemed to have been forced on the employee as a condition of employment, and therefore, will be considered unlawful.

San Francisco Employers Cannot Take Action Against Applicants/Employees for Marijuana Offenses That Have Since Been “Decriminalized”

Last week, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved amendments to the City’s Fair Chance Ordinance, an ordinance that originally was enacted in 2014 to place limits on employers’ consideration of criminal history in making employment decisions.

California Legislature Pounces on Employers With 12 New Bills

Like a pride of lions flashing teeth and fangs, the California legislature is on the hunt in 2018. As has become an annual spring ritual, Sacramento politicians have once again proposed a progressive labor agenda.

This Week’s Employment Law News: Overtime Exemptions, Persuader Rule, Update on Pending California Legislation

There have been a few notable developments this week in the employment law world. Here's the roundup: Service Advisor Overtime Exemption.
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