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Limitations on Local Counsel?

Attorneys often utilize local counsel to assist in a venue they are not licensed. The role of the local counsel will vary from case to case. Generally speaking, local counsel have a more limited role in the litigation. However, according to a recent NY ethics opinion, a limited role does not necessarily mean limited responsibilities or risks.

NY Ethics Opinion Provides Guidance for LinkedIn Users

LinkedIn is perhaps the go to social media site for professionals seeking to promote their achievements and build their brand. LinkedIn has carved a niche within the social media landscape by integrating networking capabilities with the specific needs of professionals hoping to build relationships. Of course, the site also allows users to “endorse” a connection for certain practice areas or to write recommendations as to the user’s skill-set. It is this component of the site that has generated professional ethics issues and opinions. Moreover, the distinction between permissible networking and improper advertising is not always well defined. The NY County Lawyers Association Professional Ethics Committee recently published a formal ethics opinion that provides guidance to attorneys using sites such as LinkedIn.
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