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New Jersey Department of Labor Publishes Gender Equity Notice

New Jersey employers with 50 or more employees will be required to post and distribute a gender equity notice (“Notice”) to employees in New Jersey beginning January 6, 2014.

Single Anti-Gay Comment May Create Hostile Work Environment.

Continuing the trend of recent cases which have expressed little tolerance for bigoted comments in the workplace, the Appellate Division held that a single anti-gay remark by a supervisor – who allegedly called her subordinate a “stupid fag” under her breath after an argument – may be enough to create a hostile working environment under the NJLAD, and sent the case back for a trial. The Court found the facts here comparable to those in Taylor v. Metzger, 152 N.J. 490 (1998), where the Supreme Court held that a single racist remark by a supervisor, who called a subordinate “jungle bunny,” could create a hostile working environment. The Kwiatkowski decision follows the decision last month in Cutler v. Dorn, in which the Supreme Court held that anti-Semitic remarks in the workplace were serious enough to create a hostile working environment.
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