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Four New Workers’ Compensation Laws Passed on October 1, 2008.

A package of new workers’ compensation laws were passed into law on October 1, 2008, each of which took effect immediately.

Senate Bill Would Create a Workers' Compensation Ombudsman.

A bill (S1982) introduced in the Senate on June 16 would create a Workers’ Compensation Ombudsman for Injured Workers. The governor-appointed Ombudsman would be an advocate for injured workers by accepting, investigating, and attempting to resolve complaints related to workers’ compensation.

Package of Significant Workers' Compensation Reform Bills Approved by Both House and Senate; Await Consideration by Governor Corzine.

In a concerted attempt to overhaul the state’s workers’ compensation system for the first time in decades, the State’s Senate and Assembly overwhelmingly approved a package of workers’ compensation reform bills on June 23 (S1913, S1914, S1915, S1916, S1917 and S1918), which now will go to Governor Corzine for his consideration.

“Any And All Claims” Language In Release Found To Be Ambiguous; Does Not Necessarily Release Employer From Pending Workers’ Compensation Claim.

In this case, the court considered whether the Law Division judge correctly determined that a settlement agreement reached by the parties in a discrimination/wrongful termination action also encompassed a workers’ compensation claim then pending.
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