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Medical Cannabis Implications for Employers in Minnesota

On May 29, 2014, Minnesota signed into law Minnesota’s medical cannabis bill (SF No. 2470), which passed the House 89-to-40 and the Senate 46-to-16. The law establishes a registry program for Minnesota residents to legally use medical cannabis for a qualifying medical condition. According to the new law, medical cannabis may only be delivered in limited forms: liquid, pills, vapor with the use of liquid or oil (but which does not require the use of dried leaves or plant form), or any other method, excluding smoking. While the bill is now law, the sale of medical cannabis won’t happen for several months; once it does it will have impact on employers.

Minnesota Supreme Court Says Six-year Statute of Limitations Applies to Drug Testing Statute Claims

On July 31, 2013, in a case that possibly opens the door to enlarging the limitations period for other statutory claims, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that a longer statute of limitations applies to a wrongful discharge claim. The court ruled that the six-year statute of limitations, rather than the two-year statute of limitations, applies under the state’s drug and alcohol testing law. The high court’s 5-to-0 decision, authored by Justice Page, with Justices Stras and Wright taking no part, is Sipe v. STS Manufacturing, Inc.
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