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Louisiana Governor Approves Bill Allowing Hair Samples to Be Used for Drug Testing

Governor Bobby Jindal recently approved Act 74, which clarifies that hair tests are an acceptable method for employers to drug test potential hires. Hair testing detects drug use by an individual up to 90 days prior to the day the test is given. Meanwhile urine and blood tests can only detect drug use up to a few days before the test is administered.

Three New Louisiana Laws Limit Use of Cell Phones in Vehicles

On Wednesday, July 2, 2008, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed three different bills limiting the use of cell phones and other wireless devices by the driver of a motor vehicle. Two of the bills target inexperienced drivers and broadly prohibit the use of cell phones. The other targets all drivers, but applies only to using devices for sending or reading text messages. Taken together, these laws create some significant restrictions on drivers that will apply to employees driving on company business.

Louisiana's Version of "Bring Your Guns To Work".

The State of Louisiana became the latest, following at least Florida and Georgia, to enact a law specifically allowing employees to bring guns to the workplace, subject to certain limitations. The law is not as extensive as similar legislation in some other states, and contains various protections for employers. It should still be viewed with some concern, but not alarm, by Louisiana businesses.
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