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Federal Court Refuses to Enjoin Florida "Guns-at-Work Law" as Applied to Employees.

A federal court in Tallahassee, Florida yesterday refused to enjoin the new Florida law that grants certain employees the right to keep guns secured in their vehicles while they are at work. The new law took effect on July 1, 2008. As a result of this ruling, Florida employers, among other things, must allow workers who have valid concealed firearms permits to bring their guns to work provided the guns are secured in their private vehicles in a parking lot.

Federal Court Rules Against Employers on Florida's Guns-at-Work Law.

A Federal judge in Florida has issued a mixed ruling on the request for an injunction against the new so-called "guns-at-work" law in Florida. Judge Robert Hinkle of the Northern District of Florida denied the request to enjoin the law as it relates to employees. Therefore, employees with concealed weapons permits will be able to bring guns onto an employer's property if locked in or to a vehicle. The Judge granted the preliminary injunction with respect to business invitees and customers, who, at least for the time being, will not be allowed to bring firearms onto business premises.