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Provision: Job Duties

Sample Provision

Your duty shall include, but not be limited to, solicitation of orders from the servicing of such accounts as the company may assign you from time to time, in the sole judgment and discretion of the company. You shall perform your duties under the general direction and control of the company and any other persons so designated by the company. Your duty shall include cooperation with the company in a collection of billings.

Sample Provision

During the term of employment, the Executive shall be employed as Chief Executive Officer of the Company and be responsible for the general management of the affairs of the company. It Is the Intention of the Parties of the Executive shall be elected to and serve on the Board as its chairman. The Executive, in carrying out his duties under this agreement, Shall Report to the Board. During the term of employment, the Executive shall devote substantially all of his business time and attention to the business and affairs of the company. During said term, the executive also agrees to serve, if elected, as an officer and director of any subsidiary or affiliate of the company.

Anything herein to the contrary notwithstanding, nothing shall preclude the Executive from (i) serving on the boards of directors of a reasonable number of other corporations or the boards of a reasonable number of trade associations and/or charitable organizations, (ii) engaging in charitable activities and community affairs, and (iii) managing his personal investments and affairs; provided such activities do not materially interfere with the proper performance of his duties and responsibilities as the company's Chief Executive Officer and its Chairman of the Board.

Sample Provision

Executive shall perform such services as are consistent with his position.

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