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Provision: Full Time & Attention

Sample Provision

For the remaining period of the contract term and for any period you may continue to work for company after the contract term expires, you will faithfully and diligently perform your duties in accordance with Company's directions and serve company to the best of your ability; devote your undivided time and attention to Company's business, subject to reasonable vacations in accordance with Company's vacation policy, to such an extent as may be reasonably necessary for you to perform your personal services properly; and maintain your residence in ___________________ or within reasonable access to the business activities a company in that city.

Sample Provision

You are to devote your entire working time and your best efforts to the performance of your duties as an [state title] and to the performance of such related and other duties as may from time to time be assigned to you by the company, to the exclusion of all other employment and business activity.

Sample Provision

Executive agrees to devote all customary business time and attention to the affairs of company, except during vacation. And reasonable period of illness or other incapacity consistent with the practices of company for executives and comparable positions, and agrees that is services shall be completely exclusive to company during the term hereof. Executive further agrees to comply with all applicable company policies, as described in the Company's employee handbook.

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