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Provision: Confidential Information, Defined

Sample Provision

"Confidential Information" means any nonpublic information pertaining to company's business. Confidential information includes information disclosed by company do you, and information developed are learned by you during the course of or as a result of your employment with company, which you also agree his company's property. You further agree that any item of intellectual or artistic property generated or prepared by you, by yourself or with others, in connection with your employment by company is company sole property and shall remain so unless company otherwise specifically agrees and writing. Confidential information includes, without limitation information and documents concerning companies processes; suppliers; customer lists; advertising and marketing plans; business strategies; profit margins; seasonal plans, goals, objectives and projections; compilations, analyses, and projections regarding company's divisions, stores, product segments, product lines, suppliers, sales and expenses; files; trade secrets and patent applications (prior to their being public); salary, staffing and employment information (including information about performance of other executives); and "know -how," techniques and any technical information not of a published nature relating, for example, to have company conducts its business.

Sample Provision

"Confidential Information" shall mean all information that is not known to the public respecting the business of the company or any subsidiary relating to research and development, processes, trade secrets, customers, suppliers, finances and business plans and strategies. For this purpose, information known generally within the trade or industry of the company or any subsidiary shall be deemed to be known to the public. Confidential information shall include information that is, or becomes, known to the public as a result of the breach by the [specify employee's title] of the provisions of this agreement.

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