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Provision: Term of Employment

Sample Provision

Company will employ you and you will provide personal services to company from _____________________ to ____________________ (the "contract term") as [insert title] and/or perform such other duties as may be required of you by company. You represent that you are not subject to any other employment agreements or other obligations that would prevent you from performing or would interfere with your ability to perform your obligations under this agreement. If you continue as a company employee after the contract term expires, this agreement will continue in full force, except that your employment will then become terminable "at will" by either you or company.

Sample Provision

This agreement and your employment shall commence as of the date of this agreement and shall continue until one year from the start and thereafter, unless terminated by either party with or without cause by the party desiring to terminate serving upon the other party at least 14 days prior written notice of termination during or after the initial year, or it may be terminated by the company for cause, effective immediately upon service or written notice.

Sample Provision

The term of employment shall commence on the date of this agreement and terminate at the close of business on the ____________ anniversary following such date. The term of employment shall be automatically renewed for an additional ______________________ period unless either party gives written notice to the other at least 12 months prior to the otherwise scheduled termination of the term of employment that he or it, as the case may be, does not want the term of employment to continue beyond such anniversary.

Sample Provision

Company hereby employs executive, and executive hereby accepts employment for a [specify term] term commencing [specify date] and ending [specify date] (the "Employment Term").

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