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Provision: Compensation, Post Termination

Sample Provision

If your employment terminates because of your voluntary termination of employment more than ______ months after the latter of (a) the effective date of this employment agreement or (b) the effective date of any future written amendment to the employment agreement, then Company will pay you your basic compensation to the earlier of the data which you qualify to retire under the terms of companies tax qualified retirement plan or the end of the period during which her post termination obligations under this agreement are in force.

Sample Provision

In the event the company terminates the executive's employment for cause, he shall be entitled to:

(i) the base salary through the date of the termination of employment for cause;

(ii) any amounts earned, accrued or owing but not yet paid under the terms of this agreement; and

(iii) other benefits in accordance with applicable plans and programs of the company.

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