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Throughout the year, employees will be invited to various optional Company sponsored events. Some events are intended to bolster Company awareness such as job fairs and Chamber of Commerce functions. Other events are for the enjoyment of our employees.

All such sponsored events do not require attendance. No accidents, injury or illness as a result of a company event may be considered to have occurred "at work". Only exceptions are when non-exempt employees are being paid or when exempt employees are working during their regular work hours that caused their injury.

Summer picnics and sport outings are popular with our employees. Although the physical aspect of some outdoor recreation may be relaxing to most, some employees may want to consult a physician before considering their decision to participate.

Finally, in cases where alcohol is available or served, (such as the employee holiday party) employees are reminded to be cautious and to control their consumption and the consumption of their guests. Although these events are not work related, they can adversely affect your employment.
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