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Blogging has become a popular activity on the Internet and you may now or in the future decide to start a blog. The Company takes no position on your decision to start or maintain a blog.

Unless specifically authorized to do so, you are prohibited from "blogging" on work time or during working hours and may not use Company computers (or other Company provided devices) to blog.

You are also subject to the Company's discipline policy for any blog posting that the Company determines is detrimental to its business, whether current, planned or being discussed.

Accordingly, unless specifically instructed, you are not authorized to speak on behalf of the Company and, therefore, must not do so.

The nature of any blog posting will be a factor in determining what (or whether) discipline will be imposed, but you may be subject to discipline up to an including immediate termination.

The above policy applies to other forms of social media or technology on the Internet, including wiki postings or video postings.

It is not the nature of the communication device or technology that is at issue, but the Company's right to protect itself from unauthorized disclosure of information.
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