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The Company has taken the time to recruit and train the best candidates. We have procured the following benefit plans to add to your employment package. If you are unsure of any benefit or the manner for which it is administered, please get assistance from human resources.

A good benefit package is a solid way to ensure employees have the medical care they need and the time to spend away from work on personal pursuits.

Eligibility of Benefits

If you are a full time employee or a part time employee who works the minimum level of hours, you will be entitled to the medical benefits listed in this manual. If you are part time, you may only be eligible to receive some benefits found in this manual. No benefits will be provided to introductory employees until the conclusion of their 90 day introductory period unless agreements were made in advance or unless required by law.

Group medical benefits are available for all eligible employees. Unless previous agreements exist, full time employees may enroll in medical benefits on the first day of the month following a 30 calendar day waiting period. Part time employees will have a 90 day waiting period.
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