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Our success begins and ends with teamwork. It is expected that each person will do their part to avoid situations that disrupt or promote others in their group to act in ill-will, to be insubordinate to a supervisor or to intentionally sabotaging the efforts of other employee teams or departments.

Teamwork is promoted when everyone acknowledges the team leader, respects the leaders judgment and authority and follows through on requests / directives without questioning them in a hostile or demeaning way. Mutual respect is the underlying factor. If someone is known to intend harm against the company or a team, please see your manager.
Teamwork is crucial. In some business environments, a "team" may be a department or it may be a supervisor with eight laborers working directly for him. In either case, the Manual language should identify a team to be the unit which independently operates to achieve a goal. In small companies, the whole operation may be a team. Larger organizations have the opportunity to allocate resources to enhance the team's motivation for success and competition among teams and perhaps even basing compensation on particular team outcomes.
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