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It is the policy of the Company to take all necessary steps to provide a safe and healthful work environment for its employees. All health and safety policies are in compliance with Federal and State regulations. It is the obligation of each employee to observe these regulations and practice safety at all times.

If you are injured or become ill, you are required to report this fact promptly to your supervisor and complete all required forms. In addition, any incidents witnessed as a "near-miss" should also be reported. Near miss scenarios help to identify potential danger areas before a serious accident occurs or identify poor safety standards/ practices.

Any employee who is injured and/or loses time from work because of a job related injury, will be compensated according to the Workers' Compensation act. No employee, after an absence-causing injury, will be allowed to return to work until he or she is released by a doctor.

All injuries no matter how small or currently insignificant should be reported to the manager. If an employee is injured, requires first aid or witnesses a near miss, they should contact their manager and ask for help in completing an incident report. Incident reports are used to build the Company's annual OSHA log as required by law.

Failing to report an accident or injury could result in disciplinary action for all involved.
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