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All applicants must complete an employment application. The Company may also require a resume' and letters of reference depending on the position being applied for. An employment application is enclosed at the end of the manual. An application must be completed before an applicant will be considered a candidate.

Following the Company's review of all completed applications, the employer will begin interviewing the most qualified candidates. Those who do not meet our employment requirements for what ever reason will remain classified as applicants. Applicants may apply once each month for candidate status.

The Company will make conditional offers of employment to those candidates selected during the interview process. The conditional aspect of the job offer depends on the employee's agreeing to acknowledge company policies in writing, consenting and passing all necessary drug, background and reference checks and finally any other condition that should be met before the candidate may consider themselves an employee.

Following an acceptance of an offer of employment, all new employees will be given a start date and location to report for an orientation session. Orientation is paid. During the orientation, the new employees will be given workplace rules, policies and other information about their positions. Authorization forms and policies must be signed at this time BEFORE actual work is performed and before they are sent for a meeting with their new department manager.
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