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The safety of our employees is very important. We expect all employees to be safety-conscious, follow safety rules, and to immediately alert management to any conditions in the work place that are believed to be unsafe or unhealthy. Accident prevention is important to the well being of our employees and visitors and also a factor in our costs and profits. When an accident does occur, ask yourself how it could have been prevented and take the necessary steps to prevent a similar accident in the future. Violation of safety and security rules is a serious offense warranting disciplinary action, including termination.

As you go through the training program for your specific job position, additional safety procedures will be explained to you. However, every employee must be familiar with the six major causes and results of accidents in most workplaces – customers, collisions, slips and falls, cuts, lifting, and burns. The following basic safety rules have been developed to protect you and others from injury while on the job. Accidents can happen - but remember, safety is everyone’s responsibility.
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