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Performance observations are conducted on a daily basis through interactions between managers and peers. These observations help managers and employees to determine the context for which a formal performance evaluation will transpire. It is not necessary for a manager to privately meet an employee each time an assessment is conducted.

Performance reviews are one method by which the Company builds a case for each employee's attitude, strengths and areas of improvement. Although a wage change may be given during a review, completion of a Performance review is not a guarantee to expect changes in compensation. Many other factors are related to the frequency and amount of compensation changes if they occur.

Managers must formally record in writing an opinion of each employee under their direct supervision who has been with the company for more than 90 days and at least once every six months thereafter. Human Resources will notify managers of those employees who are due to be reviewed.

Upon conclusion of the evaluations, each employee will have time to read the evaluation and respond for the permanent record. Following the employee's review process, they will have an opportunity to formally critique their direct supervisor with the Human Resource manager present. This bottom up evaluation will also be recorded in the manager's file.
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