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DOL Backs Paid Leave Push in 3 States, D.C. with $500,000 Grant

Franczek Radelet P.C • October 23, 2014
Recently, we detailed the efforts to push for paid sick leave by state and local governments in light of California’s passage of a statewide paid leave law. Soon after our post, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Women’s Bureau Director Latifa Lyles posted an entry on the DOL’s official “Work in Progress” blog, advocating for broader paid family leave across the country. Lyle notes that the United States remains the only industrialized nation without paid family leave. The post included data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and offered arguments in support of paid leave.

Tech Support - The FLSA's Specialized Exemption

Nexsen Pruet • October 23, 2014
The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) provides several exemptions from overtime requirements for employees whose job duties meet specific tests. Most employers are familiar with the standard “white- collar” exemptions – including the “executive” and “administrative” exemptions – and the job duties and “salary basis” tests required to satisfy those exemptions.

The Value of Schmoozing in the Age of Social Media

Knowledge@Wharton (Reg Required) • October 23, 2014
Research by McKinsey and Company shows that more than half of all firms use some form of social media to enable employees to collaborate and exchange information.

Six Myths about Data Privacy and Security that Professional Employer Organizations Should Skip

Jackson Lewis P.C. • October 23, 2014
Data breaches and compliance failures threaten company reputation and put individuals’ personal identities, finances, and medical information in jeopardy. In the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) industry, where companies providing PEO or other human resource outsourcing services typically work with personal information of their employees as well as that of their customers’ employees, persistent myths can inhibit appropriate action. This article debunks some of those myths and encourages companies to take action.

Labor and Employment Law Decisions in 2013-14 from the Connecticut Supreme Court

Brody and Associates, LLC • October 23, 2014
This Connecticut Supreme Court term was again relatively quiet in the area of labor and employment, with only three decisions that impact employers, and the labor and employment advice attorneys give their clients.
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