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Worksite Environment: Workplace Wellness

Alter worksite environment and/or policy to encourage health and wellness.

  Action Steps:
1.  Provide bicycle racks in save, convenient, and accessible locations.

Cost= $; Time= x

2.  Provide clean safe and aesthetically appealing stairwells, and promote their use.

Cost= $; Time= x

3.  Establish on site fitness rooms or exercise facilities.

Cost= $$$; Time= x x

4.  Designate specific areas to support employees with sensitive health issues, such as diabetics and nursing mothers.

Cost= $; Time= x

5.  Establish workplace programs that promote breastfeeding.

Cost= $; Time= x

6.  Add weight management nutrition and physical activity counseling as a member benefit in health insurance contracts.

Cost= $$; Time= x

7.  Provide a safe walking environment on facility grounds.

Cost= $; Time= x

8.  Create a company culture that minimizes consumption of low nutrient foods and beverages such as cakes at parties, candy bowls, and sweets as rewards.

Cost= $; Time= x x


Cost =

$ = Minimum
$$ = Moderate
$$$ = Maximum

Time =

x = Minimum
x x = Moderate
x x x = Maximum

9.  Website Resources Workplace Wellness Worksite Environment

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