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Workers Compensation Insurance

Most employers are required by state law to carry insurance to protect employees from loss of wages due to a work related injury or illness.  Injuries are considered work related when they occur in the workplace, in the work parking lot, traveling on an office errand or in any case where employees are performing a task at the direction of a supervisor or assembling for a “company function”. 

Every accident regardless of its severity must be reported and investigated by the employer’s risk manager.  A cut finger may not be a reason to stop working to an employee, however OSHA regulations and employee rights will prevail when put up against those of the employer if the injury turns out to be more serious than expected.  Generally, a good safety program will help to create awareness of the company’s interest in employee well-being and minimize overall incidents.  It’s possible that someday an injury will occur resulting in an employee who may not be capable of continuing any work during their medical recovery period.  This can’t be avoided.  The purpose of this section is to focus on those employees who are potentially capable, per doctor’s orders, to continue working while they recover.

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