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Why Plan

Your business faces some sort of risk from natural disasters no matter where you live in the United States. 

Is your business prepared to deal with the following crises?

Natural Disaster - Human-Caused Disaster – Fires – Floods – Terrorism – Loss of Essential - Public Utilities such as Electricity and Water – Toxic Gas Release – Severe Winter Storms - Bomb Threats – Chemical Spills – Workplace Violence – Civil Disturbances – Tornadoes – Hurricanes – Radiological Accidents – Explosions – Computer Failure (possibly from Viruses or from Hackers) – Nuclear Facility Accidents - Riots

If you answered no to any of these crises, your business, clients and employees are at risk. It is critical that you develop a Business Emergency Plan. No plan can guarantee business survival; however a clear, well thought-out plan can greatly enhance the chances for survival while minimizing the disruption to your business, clients and staff.  Businesses that prepare fare better in a real crisis – and, in fact may avoid some crises.

Effective planning will:

• safeguard your investment and critical resources (human resources/physical resources/business continuity).

•  help to determine your business vulnerabilities.

•  provide a logical sequence of events and tasks.

•  shorten the time to effect a recovery.

•  minimize the costs of the recovery.

•  avoid confusion and reduce exposure to error in the recovery process.

•  avoid duplication of efforts during the recovery process.

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