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What is an Emergency

An emergency is any unplanned event that can shut down your business, disrupt operations, cause physical or environmental damage, threaten your businesses’ financial standing or image, or even cause deaths or significant injuries to employees, clients or the public.  Emergencies and disasters can strike anytime and anywhere and often when you least expect it.  The events of September 11 underscore the need for having an Emergency Plan for all businesses.  So, where do you begin?  How do you protect your employees and your business?  Few people can think clearly and logically in a crisis, so the best way is to plan in advance – brainstorm the worst-case scenarios and ask yourself what you would do if the worst happened.  This “brainstorming” process is best accomplished working with your businesses’ employees during department or group meetings.  It serves the dual role of building awareness of emergency planning, as well as surfacing potential risk areas about which management may not have been aware.

Category:Disaster Planning


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