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Support recreation leagues and other physical activity events


When a company sponsors outside sports competitions, it feeds employees’ desire to play the game and win.  At the same time, the company provides a way for employees to manage stress or frustration in a non-threatening environment and gives them opportunities to win that they may not have in their jobs.


Recreation League

  • Sponsorship of outside sports leagues may be the company’s best route since the least amount of organizational support is required.  Local city and county organizations run leagues for a variety of activities such as softball, bowling, tennis, volleyball, etc. Usually the company can pay a team fee, as well as individual fees.  Coworkers get together outside the business at least once a week for physical activity and team building.


  • Host a golf league or day tournament, in which employees, their families, customers, and suppliers can participate.  Designate a schedule and place for the league.  Participants pay their own course fees or co-pay depending on budget allotted.  The company can provide the prizes.  Everybody benefits from this program.  The company gets advertising and publicity, and participants have some relaxing fun.

  • Recognize National Employee Health and Fitness Day by sponsoring an event such as a 5K fun run/walk.  This event can be held at lunch with a course mapped out and a few scheduled activities, such as a raffle for participant, a pre-stretch, or a post-stretch.  The local newspaper and/or radio station could be invited to cover the event.

  • Sponsor a team in a benefit day race.  A group of coworkers can all participate at their level of ability.  The event sponsors encourage team participation and provide team prizes and incentives.


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