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Supplies Equipment and Resources

You should ask – What emergency supplies should I have on hand?  Make sure you have working smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and security alarms in place before a disaster strikes. Consider keeping these items on hand, including the count for each, in the event of an emergency:

•  Shelter space and emergency storage (include list of supplies and equipment located at these locations)

•  Communications Equipment:

-  radio: fixed/portable/CB/battery operated
-  telephone/walkie-talkies/Two-way radios
-  cell phone
-  loudspeaker/bullhorn
-  list of important phone numbers

•  Special Clothing:

-  hard hats
-  heavy duty gloves
-  disposable gloves
-  rubber boots
-  clothing

•  Supplies:

-  fire extinguisher
-  portable generator (record type/size/vendor)
-  batteries
-  fuel
-  flashlights/rechargeable lantern
-  floodlights
-  field kitchen
-  portable toilets
-  flares
-  beds, cots, bedding, tents
-  duct tape
-  tool kit (hammer, saw)
-  non-perishable food and water
-  labels and marking pens
-  disposable camera
-  waterproof plastic bags
-  cash/credit cards
-  caution tape
-  dust mask
-  first aid kit
-  medications
-  mops/pails

Category:Disaster Planning


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