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About the Guide
Add weight management nutrition and physical activity counseling
Administration and Logistics
Americans with Disabilities Act Title I
Americans with Disabilities Act Title I
Announce and Manage the Policy
Assess the current situation so you know where your company stands
Assessment Resources
Assessment: Workplace Wellness
Attendance and Absenteeism
Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Drafting Handbooks
Business Impact Analysis
Career Moves
Community Outreach
Conduct preventive wellness screenings
Contesting OSHA Citations
Create a company culture that minimizes consumption of low nutrient foods and beverages
Current Trends Influencing Recruitment and Retention Efforts
Decide on a new policy and develop a plan to implement it
Definition of Disability Under the ADA
Designate specific areas to support employees with sensitive health issues
Direction and Control
Educational Assistance
Emergency Response Procedures
Employee Assistance Programs
Employment At Will
Equal Employment Opportunity
Establish on site fitness rooms or exercise facilities
Establish workplace programs that promote breastfeeding
Establishing What the Handbook Should Accomplish
Examples of Reasonable Accommodations
Executive Summary: Workplace Wellness
Explore discounted memberships at local health clubs
Family and Medical Leave Act
Flexible Work Schedules
Getting Started: Emergency Management Considerations
Government Mandated Benefits
Health Education: Workplace Wellness
Health Risk Appraisal HRA
Healthful Eating: Workplace Wellness
Host a health fair.
Host walk and talk meetings
How to Start Writing a Human Resources Manual
Interviews and Questions to Ask
Introduction to Legal Considerations for Employee Manuals
Investigating Injuries
Job Requirements
Keys to Writing a Human Resources Manual
Leaves and Holidays
Liability: Workplace Wellness
Make refrigerators available for employees food storage
Make the Transition Smooth and the Policy Work
Make water available throughout the day
Making Employment Offers
Making the Case: Workplace Wellness
National Health Observances: Workplace Wellness
Offer appealing low cost healthful food options
Offer flexible work hours to allow for physical activity
Offer healthful food alternatives at meetings
Offer on site fitness opportunities
Offer on Site weight managementmaintenance programs
Offer regular health education presentations
Organizational Health Survey
OSHA Citations and Penalties
OSHA Hazard Communication Standard
OSHA Material Safety Data Sheets MSDS
OSHA Posting Requirements
OSHA Recordkeeping Reporting and Notice Posting Overview
OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements
OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements Penalties
OSHA Records That Must Be Kept
OSHA Regulations: Employee Rights and Responsibilities
OSHA Regulations: Employer Responsibilities
Physical Activity: Workplace Wellness
Post motivational signs about Fruits & Veggies More Matters
Post workplace wellness motivational signs
Preparing a Human Resources Manual
Preparing to Recruit
Problem Resolution
Promote the adoption of Fruits & Veggies More Matters
Provide a safe walking environment on facility grounds
Provide bicycle racks
Provide clean safe and aesthetically appealing stairwells
Provide confidential health risk appraisals.
Provide health education information
Provide healthy cooking demonstrations with taste tests.
Provide incentives for participation in nutrition andor weight managementmaintenance activities
Provide incentives for participation in physical activity
Provide protected time and dedicated space
Purpose of an Emergency Plan
Reasonable Accommodation
Record Keeping Requirements
Recovery and Restoration
Recruiting and Retention Strategies
Recruiting Sources
repayment agreement
Review Test Train and Maintain
Sample Attendance Control Form
Sample Attendance Policy
Sample Business Ethics And Conduct Policy
Sample Business Ethics And Conduct Policy Acknowledgment
Sample Conditional Offer Letter
Sample Confidential Information Policy
Sample Dress Code Policy
Sample EEO Policy
Sample Employee Assistance Program Policy
Sample Employee Handbook Disclaimer
Sample Employee Orientation Checklist
Sample Employee Orientation Policy
Sample Employment Offer Policy
Sample Final Employment Offer Letter
Sample Final Employment Offer Letter II
Sample Flexible Work Schedule
Sample Harassment Policy Not Sexual Harassment
Sample Human Resource Policy and Procedures on Employee Parties Bulletin Boards and Lockers
Sample Human Resource Records Policy
Sample Internet and E mail Policy
Sample Internet Code of Conduct Policy
Sample Job Description Policy
Sample Job Description Procedures
Sample Job Vacancy Announcement
Sample Job Vacancy Policy
Sample Lunch and Rest Breaks Policy
Sample Organizational Health Survey
Sample Overtime Policy
Sample Policy for Employment of Relatives
Sample Problem Resolution Policy
Sample Promotion Transfer Policy
Sample Promotion Transfer Policy
Sample Recruiting Policy
Sample Selection Policy
Sample Sexual Harassment Policy
Sample Smoke free Workplace Policy
Sample Smoking Policy
Sample Solicitation Policy
Sample Substance Abuse Policy
Sample Wellness Individual Interest Survey
Sample Workplace Violence Policy
Selection Criteria
Selection Process
Sexual Harassment
Sexual Harassment Investigation
Sexual Harassment Investigation and policy
Smoke free Workplace: Workplace Wellness
Start employee activity clubs
Steps to Get Started: Workplace Wellness
Stress Management: Workplace Wellness
Summary of OSHA Requirements
Supplies Equipment and Resources
Support for Employees that Smoke
Support physical activity breaks during the workday
Support recreation leagues and other physical activity events
The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970
Undue Hardship
Unemployment Compensation
Union Avoidance
USERRA Military Leave
Wage and Hour Laws
Website Resources Workplace Wellness Worksite Environment
What about Costs
What is an Emergency
What you can and cannot do
Why a Company Should Have an Employee Handbook Learning the Pros and Cons
Why a Company Should Have an Employee Handbook Learning the Pros and Cons
Why a Company Should Have an Employee Handbook Learning the Pros and Cons
Why Plan
Workers Compensation Insurance
Workforce Planning
Workplace Privacy and Confidentiality
Workplace Violence
Workplace Violence Programs
Workplace Wellness Health Education Website Resources
Workplace Wellness Physical Activity Resources
Worksite Environment: Workplace Wellness
Worksite Wellness Individual Interest Survey
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