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Sample Substance Abuse Policy

Date Effective:  ________        

Approved By: _____________


The Company defines “substance abuse” as the introduction, possession, sale, manufacture, purchase, solicitation for sale or use of intoxicating beverage or illegal or illicit drugs or substances on Company premises, or reporting to work under the influence of the same.
“Under the influence” of drugs or alcohol means being unable to perform one’s work in a safe and/or productive manner; being in a physical or mental condition that creates or might create a risk to safety or well-being of the employee or others; or having any detectable amount of a controlled substance or alcohol in the body.

The Company reserves the right to chemically analyze or test beverages, medicine, drugs, and so on, brought onto Company premises. If there is a cause for the Company to believe you are under the influence of intoxicating beverages or narcotics, blood or other drug/alcohol screening test may be required.


In cases where this policy is violated, we will take the following actions:

First Offense- “Under the Influence” of alcohol

Employee receives a written warning.

Second Offense- “Under the Influence” of alcohol

Employee is immediately terminated.

Third Offense- “Under the Influence” of a controlled substance

Employee is immediately terminated.

If an employee is drinking or using an illegal substance on Company premises, the employee will be immediately terminated.

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