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Sample Solicitation Policy



Effective Date:

It is the policy of the Company to prohibit solicitation and distribution on its premises or through campus mail by non-employees and to permit solicitation and distribution by employees only as outlined below:

The Company limits solicitation and distribution on its premises because, when left unrestricted, such activities can interfere with the normal operations of the Company, can be detrimental to efficiency, can be annoying, and can pose a threat to security.
All managers are responsible for administering this policy and for enforcing its provision.

Persons who are not employed by the Company are prohibited from soliciting funds or signatures, conducting membership drives, posting, distributing literature or gifts, offering to sell or to purchase merchandise or services (except by representative of suppliers properly identified), or engaging in any other solicitation, distribution, or similar activity on Company premises.

The Company may authorize a limited number of fund drives by employees on behalf of charitable organizations or for employees’ gifts.

The Company will permit employees to engage in solicitation or distribution of literature for any group or organization, including charitable organizations, with the following guidelines:

The sale of merchandise is limited to Company functions and activities.
Solicitation and distribution of literature with appropriate approval should not interfere with working time of either the employee making the solicitation or distribution, or the targeted employee. The term “working time” does not include an employee’s authorized lunch or rest periods or other time when the employee is not required to be working.

The Company maintains bulletin boards to communicate Company information to employees and to post notices required by law. An unauthorized posting of notices, photographs, or other printed or written materials on bulletin boards or any other Company property is prohibited.

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