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Sample Smoking Policy

To:        ______________________                
From:        ______________________                

Approved by:  ______________________

Date:        ______________________

Employees must utilize the only designated smoking area located directly outside the main employee entrance during lunch and break periods only.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere else on company property. Smoking is only permitted at the designated area immediately outside the main employee entrance.

The designated smoking area must be maintained litter-free. It is the responsibility of smokers to police the designated area.

If any abuse of this policy is discovered, the policy will be discontinued immediately and will result in discontinuance of any smoking on company premises.

Company work rules state “Smoking other than in specifically designed areas and during specified periods of the day” will result in appropriate disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Employees who wish to take the opportunity to quit smoking should contact the Personnel department, or their own physician, for a listing of Smoking Cessation Programs.

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