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Sample Smoke free Workplace Policy

A Model Smoke Free Workplace Policy

Because we recognize the hazards caused by exposure to environmental tobacco smoke, it shall be the policy of __________ (Company Name) to provide a smoke-free environment for all employees and visitors. This policy covers the smoking of any tobacco products and the use of smokeless or “spit” tobacco and applies to both employees and non-employee visitors of _____________.


1.  No smoking of tobacco products will be allowed within the facilities at any time.
The decision to provide or not provide designated smoking areas outside the building will be at the discretion of management or other decision-making body.

The designated smoking area will be located at least __________ (recommended 20) feet from the main entrance.

All materials used for smoking in this area, including cigarette butts and matches, will be extinguished and disposed of in appropriate containers. Supervisors will ensure periodic cleanup of the designated smoking area. If the designated smoking area is not properly maintained (for example, if cigarette butts are found on the ground), it can be eliminated at the discretion of management or other decision-making body.

(For a policy that extends smoke free to include company property, substitute the following: No smoking of tobacco products is permitted within the facilities or on the property of ___________ at any time.)

2.  No smoking in any company vehicle.

There will be no smoking in _________ vehicles at any time.

There will be no tobacco use in personal vehicles when transporting persons on ______________ authorized business.

3.  Breaks

Supervisors will discuss the issue of smoking breaks with their staff. Together they will develop effective solutions that do not interfere with the productivity of the staff.


1.  Employees will be informed of this policy through signs posted in _____________ facilities and vehicles, the policy manual, and orientation and training provided by their supervisors.

2.  Visitors will be informed of this policy through signs, and it will be explained by their host.

3.  The _________________ will help employees who want to quit smoking by helping them access recommended smoking cessation programs and materials.

4.  Any violations of this policy will be handled through the standard disciplinary procedure.

[This model policy is part of “Making Your Workplace Smoke-free: A Decision Maker’s Guide,” from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American Cancer Society, and the Wellness Councils of America. The full guide is available online at:]

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