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Sample Selection Policy

In furtherance of COMPANY’s EEO and Hiring policies, hiring selections shall be based solely on a job candidate’s overall qualifications and ability to perform the essential functions of a specific position, with or without reasonable accommodation.  The Director of Human Resources shall develop written selection criteria for each position being recruited, prior to initiating the hiring process. Criteria shall include, at a minimum, appropriate metrics that may be used to measure the essential and desired requirements stated in the position’s job description. The criteria developed shall be documented on a form deemed appropriate by the Director of Human Resources.  Blank forms shall be distributed to members of the selection committee prior to the scheduled interview date.  A form shall be completed in its entirety for each applicant interviewed and returned to the Director of Human Resources within two workdays following the date of the interview.  The Director of Human Resources shall review all forms and meet with the members of the selection committee to make a final selection.

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