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Sample Problem Resolution Policy

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To provide an effective and acceptable means for an employee to bring work-related problems and/or complaints to the attention of the management. The Company realizes that in any organization, problems, misunderstandings, and difference of opinions may arise in the daily work situations; therefore, a procedure or channel of communication must be adopted to help resolve the problems. The Company recognizes it cannot expect to correct or eliminate every cause for personal dissatisfaction, but does realize it has a responsibility to provide employees with a method for bringing dissatisfactions out in the open where free and open discussion can be made to arrive at a mutually satisfactory conclusion. The following procedure was written with the intent of providing all employees fair and equal consideration on job or work-related problems.


A.    Management recognizes the right of an employee under Company policy without fear of retribution or prejudice. The Company guarantees that there shall not be any discrimination or adverse action against employee who participates in this process.

B.  The employee may choose another employee to assist in the problem resolution.

C.    The function of the Human Resource Administrator will facilitate administration of the procedure by giving assistance when needed to both the employee and the member of the management.


A.    The employee will present the complaint to his or her immediate supervisor. The supervisor will then:

1.    Discuss the matter fully with the employee.

2.    Obtain all relevant information.

3.    Check with the Department Director concerned.

4.    Consult with the Human Resources Administrator for assistance in interpretation of the policy when necessary.

The supervisor will render a decision to the employee with a full explanation of the reasons for the decision within three working days after receipt of the complaint.

B.    If the employee is dissatisfied with the explanation in Procedure A, a written statement should be submitted to the Department Director within two working days from the previous decision.

The Department Director will then:

1.    Review the situation
2.    Make a written record
3.    Send copies to the supervisor

The Department Director will render a decision in writing to the employee with a full explanation of the reason for the decision within three working days after receipt of the written statement.

C.    If the employee is not satisfied with the decision reached by the Department director, the employee has the right, within two working days, to appeal in writing the decision and request a meeting with the Human Resources Administrator.  The department Director will make the necessary meeting arrangement at a convenient time.

1.  The Department Director will prepare a written report within two working days for the Human Resources Administrator covering all data relating to the problem including the decision reached and reasons for the same.  A copy of the report will also be given to the employee.

2.  The Administrator will then meet within three working days with the parties involved on an individual basis to review all prior transactions and decisions reached.  The Administrator shall, after careful review of the issue(s) involved, render a final decision at the meeting or request additional time to review the issues and the data presented.  A written final decision shall be presented to the employee within five working days of the meeting.  A copy of the decision shall be forwarded to the Supervisor.  A copy should also be placed in the Human Resources files.

* Working days a referred to in this policy are defined as Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and designated holidays.

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