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Sample Job Vacancy Policy

COMPANY believes in providing eligible and qualified employees with the opportunity to advance within the organization. Therefore, when job vacancies occur that are deemed appropriate for posting by the Director of Human Resources, a job vacancy announcement shall be posted on employee bulletin boards for a minimum period of five (5) work days.  The requirements for the vacancy will be listed along with the filing deadline date. Employees may indicate their interest in the position by submitting a Transfer Request or Job Bid form to the Director of Human Resources on or before the specified filing deadline, or by scheduling a meeting with a Human Resource Representative.  Non-COMPANY employees may submit a completed Employment Application form to the Director of Human Resources on or before the filing deadline. 
To be eligible to apply for a posted vacancy, employees must meet the minimum requirements for the position, have completed their introductory period, and be an employee in good standing in terms of their overall work record. 

Employees should understand that posting of job vacancies does not mean that the selection process will be confined to existing employees. Rather, employees who make application for transfer, job change, or promotion to a posted job vacancy should be aware that they may be subject to competition for the job from among a larger group of applicants, unless noted otherwise on the posted job announcement.

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