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Sample Internet and E mail Policy

As an employee of ___________ Company, I __________________, recognize and understand that the company’s e-mail systems are to be used for conducting the company’s business only.  I understand that use of this equipment for private purposes is strictly prohibited.  Further, I agree not to use a password that has not been disclosed to the company.  I agree not to access a file or retrieve any stored communication other than where authorized unless there has been prior clearance by an authorized company representative.

I am aware that the company reserves and will exercise the right to review, audit, intercept, access and disclose all matters on the company’s e-mail systems at any time, with or without employee notice, and that such access may occur during or after working hours.  I am aware that the use of a company-provided password or code does not restrict the company’s right to access electronic communications.  I am aware that violations of this policy may subject me to disciplinary action, up to and including discharge from employment.

I authorize that I have read and that I understand the company’s policy regarding   e-mail located at (refer to applicable manual.) I authorize that I have read and that I understand this notice.

Signature of Employee


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