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Sample Human Resource Records Policy

XYZ Company maintains personnel files on each employee.  These files contain documentation regarding all aspects of the employee’s tenure with the Company including performance appraisals, emergency contact, disciplinary warning notices and letters of commendation.  You may review your personnel file on an annual basis.  If you are interested in reviewing your file, contact the Human Resources Department to schedule an appointment.

To ensure that your personnel file is up-to-date at all times, notify your Supervisor or the Human Resources Department of any changes in your name, telephone number, home address, marital status, number of dependents, beneficiary designation, scholastic achievements, emergency contact, etc.

From time to time, XYZ Company may receive inquiries from a third party regarding employees, such as a bank verifying employment for an employee applying for a mortgage or personal loan.  All requests for reference information should be directed to the Human Resources Department. If a telephone reference inquiry is received, Human Resources will only verify dates of employment and position held. Any additional information must be in writing with a signed release from the employee or former employee.  However, the Company reserves the right to release any information it deems appropriate in its discretion without authorization.

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