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Sample Human Resource Policy and Procedures on Employee Parties Bulletin Boards and Lockers



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Employee Parties

Parties given by employees for showers, birthdays, anniversaries, retirements and other purposes are not permitted on the premises of the Company.

Only functions conducted under the auspices of the Company’s management are permitted.

Bulletin Boards

Interesting and important notices are posted on the official bulletin boards. Make it a practice to check them daily in order to keep abreast of new developments throughout the facility.

Material for Company-related functions may be posted if it is approved by the assigned manager.  Otherwise, you are not permitted to post any personal materials on the Bulletin Boards!


The Company provides lockers, with keys, to those employees required to wear uniforms in their work and for other employees on a space available basis. These lockers are for temporary storage of your clothes and should not be used to store perishable foods.

The Company cannot be responsible for any personal property left in the lockers.  Since lockers are provided to employees, you are requested not to take coats, pocketbooks, or personal belongings to your department or work area.

In the interest of safety, the Company also reserves the right to inspect these lockers at any time.

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