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Sample Final Employment Offer Letter

Name & Address
Dear ___________:

This letter shall confirm our offer of employment to you as a (insert employment classification - part-time, full-time, temporary, etc.) (insert job title) in the (insert name of department) subject to the following terms and conditions:

1.  You shall begin employment on (insert date and time)

2.  You are to report to (insert person and location)

3.  Your work schedule shall be (insert days and times)

4.  The scope of your responsibilities shall be (insert description)

5.  Your gross compensation shall be $_______ per (insert week, month, year, etc)

6.  You shall be eligible to participate in the following benefit programs in accordance with the following schedule: (insert dates of eligibility and description of benefits)

7.  (You may insert information relating to non-compete agreements, confidentiality provisions, etc.)

8.  Your employment status is at-will and therefore is for no predetermined period of time.
If you are agreeable to these terms, please sign, date, and return one original of this letter to my attention by no later than (insert date). You may retain the duplicate original for your records.

Category:Best Human Resources Practices


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