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Sample Employment Offer Policy

It is COMPANY’s policy that only the Director of Human Resources shall have the authority to tender an offer of employment to any applicant.  A conditional offer of employment shall be made in writing.  The offer shall remain conditional until such time as the selected applicant has provided satisfactory evidence of his/her suitability for the position, and complied with COMPANY’s hiring policies.  Once complete, the Director of Human Resources shall extend a final offer of employment, in writing, using a format deemed appropriate by him/her.  Upon receipt of a signed acceptance offer from the applicant, the Director of Human Resources shall satisfy COMPANY requirements established for new hires.  It should be understood by all employees and applicants that employment offers are not a contract of employment, and that the selection process may be terminated at any time by either party, for any reason, with written notice. In the event an applicant declines an employment offer, the Director of Human Resources shall notify the Department Manager within three business days of receiving such notice and take such actions necessary to identify another qualified candidate.

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