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Sample Employee Orientation Checklist

Name of Employee:  _____________________

Department: _________________

Human Resource’s Responsibility

Prior to Orientation

Organization and Employee Policies & Procedures
___ History of XYZ Inc.
___ Organization Chart  
___ Purpose of the Company
___ Employee Classification

Insurance Benefits             

___ Group health plan          
___ Disability insurance          
___ Life insurance            
___ Workers’ compensation

Other Benefits

___ Holidays            
___ Vacation            
___ Jury and election duty          
___ Funeral leave            
___ Health Services
___ Professional discounts          
___ Child care

End of Orientation- First Day

___ Make appointment for second day        
___ Introduce supervisor

Other Items

___ Job Posting
___ Bulletin Boards
___ Safety
___ Alcohol/drug use  
___ Where to get supplies  
___ Employee’s records and updating

Policies and Forms

___ Form W-4 Completed
___ Form I-9 Completed
___ Emergency Information Form Completed
___ Employee Handbook distributed and reviewed
___ Employee Handbook acknowledged form  
___ Health Care and Optional Benefits Form and information completed
___ No harassment form acknowledged
___ Informed on Confidentiality form        
___ FMLA reviewed
___   Equal Employment Opportunity

Supervisor’s Responsibility

Employee’s First Day


___ Introduction to coworkers
___ Tour of department
___ Tour of company

Location of

___ Coat closet
___   Restroom
___   Telephone for personal use and policy

Working Hours

___   Starting in Leaving
___   Lunch
___   Breaks
___   Overtime
___ Early Departures
___ Timeclock

Pay Policy

___   Pay Period
___ Deposit System

Other Items

___   Parking
___   Dress

Employee’s Second Day

___ Pension Retirement Plan
___   Sick Leave
___   Personal Leave
___   Job Postings
___   Confidentiality
___   Complaints and Concerns
___   Termination

During Employee’s First Two Weeks


___   Medical
___   Power Failure
___   Fire

At the end of the employee’s first two weeks, the supervisor will ask if the employee has any questions concerning any items. After all questions have been discussed, both the employee and the supervisor will sign and date this form.

Employee’s Signature    



Orientation Conducted By

Category:Best Human Resources Practices


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